Dear Community, we are very pleased to give you an update about the XERA Exchange.

For those who have been following us from the beginning, we thank you for staying with us and believing in the XERA vision. Your support has helped tremendously!

People lose faith we understand that, and many people on the XERA team gave up hope. Like many other ICOs launched at a similar time, our ICO failed to gain enough genuine interest to raise any funds to develop our great XERA product.

We have been through some very tough times, not only an extended bear market, but we were also hit by scammers and people who tricked us in to giving away a great deal of XERA tokens in return for false promises and lies about the instigation of a large investor pool for XERA tokens.

Due to the shocking scamming that took place, a token contract change is necessary before the XERA exchange launch. Details of this will be released at the time of the initial public release.

The Present

We have reorganized the XERA team into a smaller, yet very dedicated core unit who have taken it upon themselves to self-fund the platform development. Other team members have been working each day offering their time and skills for no pay compensation. This is an example of true dedication and will ensure that XERA will be delivered and continue on to be a big player in the Crypto community.

And the good news is….

The XERA exchange platform has been in development for many weeks and we have been rigorously Alpha testing the User Interface. We hope to release a BETA version by the end of June and will be selecting people to help with the initial testing. Once any initial fixes and changes have been applied we will launch our platform with an initial limited amount of Crypto currency pairs.

Due to our new and reduced team membership our Social Media presence may be limited but we will keep our Twitter account and our Telegram Groups active for general discussion and snippets of news.

The future

We have decided to involve our community right from the start firstly by gathering feedback from the BETA platform and then continual improvement via suggestions and discussion areas.

If you wish to become involved and be a community lead then please get in touch via our Telegram Group and tell us how you think you can help and what you can offer!



Telegram: https://t.me/xeraexchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xeratech

The XERA Exchange — Loved and Supported by the Community