• 2121 Jun 2019

    As previously mentioned, we were scammed by an ICO pool and our tokens were distributed without our consent. To circumvent this and to honor the bounty rewards we gave and other legitimate receivers who we distributed tokens to, we had no choice but to create a new Smart contract for the XERA token. The Bounty details are securely held on a database list by our new bounty manager who will contact you in due course. All other legitimate investors and token holders who have XERA tokens will be contacted via Email with the details that were submitted at the time of purchase. A token swap will take place, some of which will be individually made by hand, so please understand that this is not a quick overnight process — but we are determined to get this actioned as soon as possible. In other news, the XERA Exchange Beta release is just a few days away ! The new XERA exchange Alpha testing was successful and has now finished. Once the redirected pages are completed, a handful of people at first, will be Beta testing. The Beta testers will quickly grow in numbers and once any initial enhancements or changes are made — the Public XERA Exchange Platform will be live! Yes indeed, the countdown has started! Keep up to date with all our news stories and be sure to join the XERA Telegram group below. Links: XERA Exchange: Telegram: Twitter: As always, we would like to thank all our supporters who have stayed with us and believed in XERA. Good things are on the Horizon!

  • 1919 Nov 2018
    XERA Exchange NEWS - Off to a Flying Start

    A Perfect Start! We are so pleased with the great response following our ICO launch with investors jumping on board and taking advantage of the great phase 1 bonus. Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that we are already close to reaching our soft cap target — there is no stopping the XERA express train! XERA will launch! When our ICO launched, we were certainly in a bear market and as we enter phase 2, the market has dipped yet again. But could this actually be an opportunity? Some will say a definite yes and will make comparisons with how much Bitcoin and Ethereum you can buy now per dollar compared to this time last year. No one can truly predict which way the crypto market will move but most people agree that the technology behind it is here to stay! The XERA Exchange team are determined to create an environment for everyone who wishes to trade in crypto currency complete with all the tools and facilities catering for the novice to the most experienced trader. We are creating a fantastic trading experience and one that will be constantly updated as we listen to our community and take notice of their changing needs. With tight security and first class customer care, we aim to be the best exchange available. From the development side, we are already ahead of schedule and will soon be able to show you where we are with the platform. We think you will like it! Massive response on Social Media Our Telegram group has now hit over 11K members and we are currently running a MEME / Image / banner competition where you can win 400 XERA tokens. There are some great entries already and we are running the competition weekly until the end of our ICO, so keep them coming! If you haven't already joined our Telegram group then come and join in and say hi to our great community, see the links below. Our Twitter feed has nearly 10K followers and our medium articles have been read by well over 2 thousand people just in the last 30 days! Come and join us by following these links: Official Website: Whitepaper: Telegram: Twitter: Xera Bounty: Linkedin: Reddit: