Currently US and Mainland Chinese citizens are not allowed to use the Exchange. This may change in the future. Please see the current list of exclusions for more information.

At present we will be listing both Security and Utility tokens.

The listing fees will vary (including and special deals), Please see the information under "Request to List a Coin".

Yes you will need to complete the KYC process.
We already offer very low trading fees but from time to time there will other incentives and offers. Please regularly watch our news pages for details.
Tokens used for fees will be used either for ensuring liquidity or will be burnt.
Fees will normally apply on all transactions. Unless the coin operates a fixed percentage, they will vary as in the case of Bitcoin dependent on the current conditions.
Yes! It is our intention to make Fiat payment possible using card payments Watch out for our announcements!
We will be creating opportunities, competitions and rewards for obtaining free tokens. This may be in the form of XERA tokens or from any of our partners. These will be announced through our WEB pages and Social Media.